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Westport's 3 Breaks

Westport is one of the most consistent areas for surfing along the entire West Coast. Its proximity to the powerful storms of the North Pacific provide a steady supply of swell, averaging over 300 days a year of head-high or bigger waves. This close proximity to storms also results in lots of wind and rain so it doesn’t often provide world-class waves, but it usually provides some sort of rideable waves at one of the three main breaks of Westport. See below for Breaks Map.

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Half Moon Bay (a.k.a. The Cove)
Three distinct breaks that usually work on separate swell conditions and tides are what makes Westport unique. While the rest of the coast is awash in stormy south wind chop, Half Moon Bay (a.k.a. – The Cove) beach break faces slightly north, grooming the storm surf into powerful, hollow, close-to-the-beach pounders. Not a beginner’s spot.

“The Groins” (a.k.a. The Finger Jetties)
Just around the corner from Half Moon Bay (and also clean on a south wind) are “The Groins” (a.k.a. The Finger Jetties), a series of small jetties that protect the northern edge of the Westport marina. Situated at the edge of the channel into which several large rivers flow into, The Groins can provide long rides as the swells march into Gray’s Harbor and break semi-point-like between the jetties. There are 5 separate jetties, and depending on tides and conditions, there may be good waves all along this stretch, if enough swell is present. This can be a good beginner spot when it is head high and

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under, but extreme caution should be taken as riptides can endanger all levels of ability when the tides are flowing. Always be sure of your abilities before you charge out! Watch others to see if they are battling currents.

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Westhaven State Park (a.k.a. The Jetty)
When the larger swells subside, or if the rare Eastern or offshore winds blow, most of the surfing action in Westport takes place at Westhaven State Park (a.k.a. The Jetty), and its adjacent 18 miles of beachbreak. With its ample parking, hot showers and plenty of room to spread out, rarely does Westhaven not have enough swell to provide some sort of wave riding activity…quality rides do occur when conditions are right, and competition for good peaks which refract off of the jetty can be fierce when the local “boyz” are out. As with anywhere, respect plays a huge part in entering any lineup.
Know your abilities and stay within them. Often the difference between a frustrating go-out and a great session is just a short paddle further down the beach to your own peak. It’s all there for you somewhere in Westport!

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